Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Danielle de Barbarac Completed Costume Pictures

Finally, I'm posting pictures of my Danielle de Barbarac costume I made for halloween last year! YAY!

These picture's don't include the arm bands because they're a pain to put on! They also need a little bit of work on them.

We took a few pictures of  me reading an old book and messing around with an apple.

I chose a French book since she lives in France. :)

Now when I look back on this costume there are so many things I would do different! My skills and knowledge of both historical costume and sewing techniques has grown tremendously.

I would also like to someday create an apron for this costume, but who knows if I'll actually ever do it!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Progress on the Marion Top

After about 5 different mock ups I finally got one that I liked. I was originally going to do just a drawstring peasant top but then decided I wanted to do the whole sha-bang. The shirt I have now is much more accurate. I finished the mock up at the end of last month and made the pattern a week or so ago. The material I'm using is a white gauze from Jo-Ann's, and it's so perfect!

While I was tracing out the pattern, Doji thought it would make a nice bed. He love's it when I make my room a mess with my sewing projects!

I've got the shirt all sewn up with everything hemmed and right now I'm tracing out the embroidery, which there is a lot of!

That's it for now!